Limited Editions

In 1998, Sculptor Agelio Batle developed a process to create sculptures in solid graphite. Initially, he created his own hand (Drawing Hand No. 1), and  then botanical and other natural forms followed.

The objects before you is a further exploration by Batle in this new media. Unlike his initial body of work of molded natural forms, these objects express the ongoing dialogue between form and content. The works in this series, whether formal or personal, show a stronger connection to the artist and are more reflective of his experimental attitude towards art. Each sculpture is cast using Batle's unique molding and carving process. Carbonaceous graphite (mineral remains of prehistoric plant life) is fused with smudge-resistant compounds, then cures into the object before you.

They have been formulated to resist smudging onto your hands. The multiple surfaces of each graphite sculpture can write.

Drawing Hand No. 1
(ed. of 365)*

Double Ended Finger (ed. of 300)

Balance (2 pcs) (edition of 300)

Knobby Helix (edition of 300)

Game Pieces (4 pcs) (ed. of 100)

Couple (edition of 300)

Ellipse # 1(edition of 1150)*

Ellipse No. 2 (edition of 1000)*

Ellipse No. 3 (edition of 1000)*

12 Point Ball #1 (ed. of 100)*

12 Point Ball # 2 (edition of 100)*

War Objects

All of these graphite objects are numbered editions.
Objects with * are series that have completed and are no longer available.

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